Cast Bullet Reloading Data.pdf - Free Download Tried loads listed in the Lyman 4 th edition Cast bullet handbook, and Western powders (Accurate, etc.) website. The three best groups with an NOE 180 grain were with data from Western: ACC#7, ACC#9, and True Blue, from a Glock 20 with LW barrel. Load Data for Cast Bullets in 10mm Castpics Load ...
Sep 30, 2018 · While the 4.5 grain load was a real pansy compared to normal 10mm loads, it surpasses the base of the Major Power Factor by a comfortable margin. The 5 grain load was a real pleasure to shoot at a recent Steel Challenge, and recovery was much faster than with loads making over 1000 fps. 5.4 Grains Longshot: 927, 937, 922, 937, 934 5.6 Grans ...

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Bullet Make: Winchester Military Berger SF Barnes Woodleigh Sinter Fire Laser Cast Meister X-treme Nosler Lyman Fabrique National Belgium Hornady Speer Australian Defense Industries Improved Military Rifle(IMR) Bull-X Generic Brand Berry Freedon Arms Remington JLK Federal Sierra Montana Cast Performance Bullets Rainier Swift Bear Tooth Bullets
When I developed my loads I used Blue Dot, BE-86, Power Pistol, Longshot, 2400, and 800X. Used plated 180 gr and 175 gr PC bullets. (powder coated) Never used BE-86, 800X or Longshot before, they will get further testing. Blue Dot I have used before in full power loads, it did not disappoint in 10 MM. Was a hoot to shoot the full power loads.

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Apr 12, 2019 · "The initial load debuted in 1983 and used a 200-grain full-jacketed truncated-cone bullet. The bullet was similar to 9mm and .45 ACP bullets of that time. The muzzle velocity was 1,200 fps, with 635 foot-pounds muzzle energy. This load had a mean working pressure of 37,000 psi with a maximum pressure of 44,400 psi."
The favorite all around 40 S&W load in our Ballistics Lab consists of our 135 grain bullet and Blue Dot. All of the standard small pistol primers available give good results with this combination. The S.A.A.M.I. overall cartridge lengths for this cartridge are 1.085” min. and 1.135” max.

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Like most pistol cartridges, the 45 ACP headspaces on the case mouth. When loading for this cartridge, bell the case mouth just enough to reliably guide the bullet into position and then secure the bullet with a taper crimp. Using this seating and crimping technique will help ensure proper headspacing.
In my experience 10mm and 800-x go well together for heavy bullet full power loads. I have found it best to weigh each load cause it doesn't meter well but it does shoot nice. I have not done 220gr but I like 800-x with 180 gr and 200 gr in my S&W 610. I am getting 1300fps with the 180 gr and 1250 fps with 200 gr.

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Heavy bullet load for 45 ACP I found I could load 250 grain Lazercast 45 Colt bullets sized 452 with Alliant Unique at a charge of 4.8 grains. I shot this in a Star Firestar and it appears to be a light shooting load, cases eject half the distance they eject from standard hardball loads and the bullets hit at point of aim at twenty yards.
Aug 06, 2016 · Anybody tried bluedot powder with 40 gr. bullets in a 223? I loaded up 600 rounds for my 223 contender and ruined many a p.d.'s day,got close to 3000 f.p.s..Was a little worried about about the hot temp's(close to 100 degrees)no problems,was so impressed with this load I'm gonna order a 223...

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Excellent cast lead bullet for the 45 Colt also known as the 45 Long Colt or 45 LC. 45 Caliber 255 gr SWC Keith Type Hard Lead Cast Bullets for Reloading.
Dec 23, 2019 · I run blue dot in my 10mm and 357 sig setups but haven't used them in my 45 platforms. Power Pistol, 800x, and longshot have been stellar in the 45 case, and if I use the bottleneck 45s (400 corbon and 38 casull) aa9, 2400 give excellent numbers and accuracy.

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I found unique works well, 8 gr will provide 800 fps, 12 gr 1200 fps, and 15 gr 1700 fps. This with 158, 180 and 200 gr cast bullets. The 800 fps loads are really fun, no recoil and quieter than a 22 rf, but 38 special power, accuracy is around 1" at 25 yds. The other loads will cluster 5 shots into an inch or better at 50 yds.
C Bac = 200 Vino If - Vout 10 uF RE 620 12 R2 10 uF • Rc 1.2 k 12 V cc +24 V Ri 10 ... The chip thickness prior to chip formation and after separation is 0.5 mm and 1.125 mm, respectively. a ... A: See Answer. Q: Convert the following ER-Diagram into Relational Schema: FirstName LastName...

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Bullet: 200-grain Gold Dot HP Muzzle Velocity (fps): 1,100 Muzzle Energy (ft-lbs): 537 Ballistic Coefficient Near the heaviest bullet the 10mm can digest, Buffalo Bore has cooked up the answer if Hot, Buffalo Bore loads this 10mm ammo to the hilt, with an average muzzle velocity of 1,200 fps.
The most accurate factory load tested was a Black Hills 230-grain JHP load that reached 848 fps and grouped five shots into .70 inch at 25 yards. The Hornady 230-grain XTP load provided groups a few hundredths of an inch larger. Select 230-grain JHP bullet handloads duplicated the accuracy of these two loads, and a couple exceeded them slightly.

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I load 180gr jacketed. I have tried Longshot, Blue Dot, 2400, VV-N105 and #9 with these bullets. I had gotten down to three powders for 10mm a while I can get a 200 grain XTP to 1200 fps in my 4.6" Glock barrel at 2 tenths less than book maxes with A9. Book data velocities for a 155 gr XTP @ 1425...
PERFORMANCE bullets were designed with the same technology as Nosler's trusted AccuBond Nosler Defense ammunition is available with either a polymer tipped or jacketed hollow point bullet. 2 models Nosler 10mm Jacketed Hollow Point 180 grain Brass Cased Pistol Ammunition As Low As...

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Jul 23, 2018 · Hornady’s 10mm .400 200gr XTP bullet in Clear Ballistics Gel. This is a discussion on Hornady’s 10mm .400 200gr XTP bullet in Clear Ballistics Gel. within the Ammo and Reloading forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Test Gun: Delta Elite Barrel length: 5 inches.
Red Dot, Holographic, Magnifiers & Laser Sights; ... 250gr RNFP BULLET CAST 100/BX . $17.99. In Stock Item #: AM96540 $0.18 per round ... reloading supplies and ...
But, Blue Dot is what I have around and have always liked for the .357 and also good success with the .44. The Hornady 180 and 200 grain factory loads are more powerful than the .40, but still anemic.
Looking for some load advice. Load data is all over the map for the 10 mm it seems. Settled on a load for my 180 xtps and and 180 golddots with AA 9. Heard lots of good things about #9 as well as long shot. Got some 200 grain hardcast that I need a load for. My supply of #9 is a bit light...
King - they might not make good deer loads. None of the bullet manufacturers that I know of make a 44 caliber rifle bullet (for the 444) in the 180-200 gn weight, they are pistol bullets and may not hold up at all to rifle velocities.

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